Table Talks

Frequently Asked Questions

Care & Use

How do I clean Table Talks tableware? Is it dishwasher safe?

Table Talks tableware is dishwasher safe, but in order for the glazing to last longer, we recommend hand wash with soapy water. Slight loss in gloss and/or color can occur with regular dishwasher usage. Stubborn stains can be removed with a mild cream cleaner or magic eraser.

Wash the stoneware article with hot soapy water before first use.

Is Table Talks tableware microwave safe?

Yes, Table Talks tableware is microwave safe. However, any ceramic article can be damaged if exposed to sudden temperature changes. Therefore, avoid moving the tableware directly from the fridge to the microwave.

Placing ceramic tableware in the microwave empty may result in damage to the tableware, as well as to the microwave.

Do not expose the article directly to a heat source.

Is Table Talks tableware freezer or oven safe?

Table Talks tableware is not safe to use in extreme temperatures. Please refrain from placing Table Talks tableware in the freezer or the oven.


Why are there inconsistencies in my tableware?

Variations in articles’ shape or tonalities might occur as a consequence of the production process, which has some manual character. Slight inconsistencies in color or glazing are normal.

Handle and stack the tableware with care to avoid scratches or other damage to the glazing.

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